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Euro Accident is a leading specialist in health related insurance and employee wellbeing. Our comprehensive approach to all facets of insurance and health helps to create profitable companies by fostering healthy employees and workplaces. Digitalisation is the natural route for us in order to remain in the cutting edge area of the market.

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We are looking for someone who has

  • Experience in Web Development languages
    • ASP.NET VB & C#
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript (jQuery)
    • Node.js

What we can offer you

The collaboration with colleagues and a genuine culture characterized by compassion, commitment and entrepreneurship is what makes our employees feel comfortable, have fun and feel good at work. We also have a great focus on employees’ health and well-being and strive for you to be able to, and choose, a healthy balance between work and private life. In addition to pension and insurance, our comprehensive benefit package includes a generous health care grant, work time training, health screening, healthcare insurance and call support for private and work-related problems. Since 2016, Euro Accident has been certified as an excellent workplace by Great Place to Work. We have a long-term goal of becoming Sweden’s most attractive employer and here we work with the company Great Place to Work to continuously measure and improve our efforts as an employer.

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