Loss of earning capacity

Secures income if you lose your ability to work

You are entitled to payment of regular benefits if your earning capacity during the policy period is reduced to 50% or less of full earning capacity due to illness or accident.

  • Secures your income while you are sick
  • Ensures that you have the same income during your period of illness

We offer an insurance covering up to 100% of the salary .

If you have earned income and/or receive wage compensation (eg sickness benefits), we supplement up to 100% if this is the cover you have chosen. You will thus be paid the insurance benefit less earnings and salary compensation.

If you are entitled to a payment, it also entitels you to pay the premium for the insurance.

You must submit the claim to us by filling out a form. Then we assess your ability to work.

Payment is made:

  • In case of temporary or permanent loss of ability to work
  • As an ongoing and taxable payment

When the earning capacity is assessed for the first time, the reduced earning capacity is assessed in relation to the insured’s current occupation (occupational cover). If the insured does not return to the current occupation no later than 24 months after the first sick day, Euro Accident will asses the general earning capacity.

The general earning capacity means the earning capacity in relation to both the insured’s current occupation and other occupations, solely restricted by the insured’s health conditions. The granting of public disability pension or flexjob and other public benefits or contributions does not involve a right to payment of insurance benefits since these are granted according to other rules.

You can take out the insurance if the following conditions are met 

  • are between 16 and 66 years of age
  • live and are registered as a resident of Denmark
  • have a right to claim benefits from the Danish public social security benefits

The insurance can be taken out by you or via a company insurance agreement.

The insurance can be taken out from 16 up to and including 66 years, and is valid up to and including the month in which you turn 67 years old. The insurance no longer applies on termination or on termination of the agreement in which the cover is taken out.

The price for the insurance is calculated on the basis of which agreement is used, the size of the cover and whether it is taken out as individual insurance or through a company.

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