Group insurance

Continuation insurance

Continued security outside the group

With a Contionation insurance policy, you can continue to enjoy insurance coverage when you can no longer be part of a previous group agreement.

  • Remain insured
  • No health declaration
  • Apply within three months

If you have been part of a group insurance policy with Euro Accident for at least six months and are no longer included – or can no longer be included – in the policy for whatever reason, you can purchase our Continuation insurance.

Good to know about the insurance

  • You must apply for this insurance within three months of your previous insurance ceasing to apply.
  • At most, the insurance policy can offer the same coverage you enjoyed previously.
  • You do not need to provide a new health declaration.
  • The insurance may have a different price and feature different terms and conditions than those which applied to your previous policy.
  • If you have a spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner who was co-insured, he or she can also take out Total permanent disability insurance if you should die or if your marriage, registered partnership or cohabiting partnership should come to an end.

When the English version of a document does not exist, we link to the original Swedish version.

Pre-purchase information and terms are collective documents for all group insurances.

The year indicates when the last change in conditions was implemented.

Pre purchase information Continuation insurance 2024-1 Pdf, 242.3 kB.

Conditions Continuation insurance 2024-1 Pdf, 966.5 kB.

Application Pdf, 868.2 kB.

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