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Use the app

The simplest path to your insurance policies

With our app, you can smoothly manage your insurance policies and attend to your contacts with us: book healthcare around the clock, book an appointment with a specialist practice or psychologist via ticket, follow cases and future disbursements, pay deductible and send in receipts, certificates or pictures.

Download the app here

The app is available for Android and iOS (iPhone). Get the app here:

App Store

Google Play

You can do these things in the app

The app contains a number of different functions. Precisely which functions you have access to and are able to use depends on precisely which insurance policies you have with us. Login on My Pages to see precisely what insurance policies you have.

  • Upload pictures of your receipts for your outlays and file your claim.
  • Upload pictures of your scars and file your claim.
  • Upload pictures of your certificates concerning notifications of illness and file your claim.
  • See the current status of your cases, letters and referrals.
  • See your future disbursements from your insurance.
  • Pay your deductible via Swish or card.
  • Receive a medical assessment and a recommendation concerning suitable care or treatment through a digital care visit. Meet with a doctor digitally via chat or a video conversation. Open around the clock.
  • Get prescriptions written for medicine, referrals for testing or referrals for physical or digital visits to a specialist practice.
  • Book time with an issued ticket for physical or digital care visit to a specialist practice as per an approved referral. Choose the day and time yourself. Add the time, location and who you will be meeting to your own calendar.
  • Book time with an issued ticket with one of our psychologists on the telephone for an assessment. Choose the day and time yourself. Add the time and who you will be meeting to your own calendar.
  • Request a follow-up appointment for a matter for which you have previously received care or treatment.
  • See booked appointments with information on when, who you will be meeting with and where (with map). You can also move or cancel booked appointments.
  • See previous visits with the possibility to request a follow-up appointment.
  • See precisely what insurance you and your family have.
  • Contact us by telephone.

App support

If you are experiencing any issues with the app, please send us a message.

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