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How we work

Our organisation is made up of central management functions, independent control functions, and local business and production organisations in the countries in which we operate. The Board sets out our overall goals and strategies to achieve continued growth. The CEO is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation.

Management, organization and board

Local country organizations with central support

Our operations are organized into joint staff functions, central control functions and country organizations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Executive management

Card image

Fredrik Bergström

Chief Executive Officer

Card image

Janne Korsgaard

Chief Country Officer Denmark

Card image

Olav Strøno

Chief Country Officer Norway

Card image

Staffan Johansson

Chief Country Officer Norway Sweden

Card image

Elsa Stattin

Chief Financial Officer

Card image

Christian Halvars

Card image

Louise Sundelius

Chief Human Resources Officer

Card image

Maria Rylander

Chief Product Officer

Card image

Miles de Champs

Chief Communication Officer

Card image

Olof Bergström

Country Organisation

There are national organizations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Janne Korsgaard is responsible for Denmark, Olav Strøno for Norway and Staffan Johansson for Sweden.

Control functions

The Actuarial, Compliance, Internal Audit and Risk Management functions are independent central functions. Everyone reports to the Board and the CEO, except for the Internal Audit function, which only reports to the Board.

Actuarial function

Ieva Gediminaité, Aktuariegruppen Stockholm AB

Compliance function

Staffan Löfgren, Euro Accident Livförsäkring AB

Internal auditing function

Agneta Bremander, Moneo Business Integration AB

Risk management function

Petra Holmberg, Euro Accident Livförsäkring AB

Country Organisation

We have local business and production organisations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Christian Dehn is responsible for Denmark, Olav Strøno for Norway and Staffan Johansson for Sweden.

Internal Control Functions

Actuaries, compliance, internal auditing and risk management are independent internal control functions. All functions report to the Board and the CEO bar internal auditing, which only reports to the Board.

Compliance function – Catharina von Gertten

Actuarial function – Martin Andersson

Risk management function – Peter Daniels

Internal auditing function – Grant Thornton Sweden AB

Organisational Chart

Board of directors

Card image

Johan Sidenmark


Card image

Fredrik Strömholm

Vice chairman

Card image

Thomas Petersson

Board member

Card image

Malin Björkmo

Board member

Card image

Katarina Lidén

Board member

Card image

Lotte Fløe Marschall

Board member

Contact us

Adresses and corporate information

Euro Accident Livförsäkring AB

Corporate organisation number: 516401-6783

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Strandgatan 7 i, 891 39 Örnsköldsvik, see map

Engelbrektsgatan 26, plan 1, 411 37 Göteborg, see map

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