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For all challenges in life

Employee Assistance Program

Our Employee Assistance Program provides free access to counselling from a psychologist, HR consultant, financial adviser, legal adviser, ergonomic specialist or health coach to help you take care of problems at work or at home – and then move on. If you are a manager or work in HR, you can also access support in your professional role. The service is included free of charge in our Long term disability insurance PlanSjuk, Premium waiver insurance and Private medical insurance PrivatAccess Gold products.

Where to turn

From 08:00 through 18:00 on normal working days, a licensed psychologist or social worker will be available; where necessary, this person will help book an appointment for further consultation with a specialist within five working days. Assistance is offered by phone or video.

At other times (i.e. normal working days between 18:00 and 08:00, weekends and public holidays) you can start your case digitally. Call the number below and follow the instructions. You will then be contacted by phone or e-mail the following weekday.

Call: +46 771 10 50 11

Before calling

In order to utilise the Employee Assistance Program, you must have a Long term disability insurance PlanSjuk, Premium waiver insurance or Private medical insurance PrivatAccess Gold with us. You do not need to contact us before you make use of the service and the service is free of charge. Confidentiality applies with regard to your employer.

Euro Accident currently provides the service in partnership with SOS International.

If you need advice from a psychologist or are in need of managerial support, you will receive help from Euro Accident's own psychologists. When consulting an economist, lawyer, health coach, HR consultant or ergonomist, SOS International is hired for the service. You reach all counseling via the same telephone number.

The service offers help with:

  • Relationship problems, divorce, problems with regard to sex and cohabiting, raising children and their development, communication problems and conflicts.
  • Stress, conflicts, crises and life crises.
  • Working relationship issues, “the boss”, feelings of exclusion, bullying, conflicts and relationship problems.
  • Ergonomic tips for working from home.
  • Diet, sleep and exercise.
  • Private finances, inheritance, civil law and taxation, as well as assistance with what you need to remember, what you can do or where to turn.
  • Risky behavior, abuse or dependence.
  • Loss of a relative/close colleague, or serious illness.
  • Outlook on life and “age crises”.
  • Leadership and psychosocial issues with regard to employees – difficult conversations and conflicts, for example.
  • When an employee risks a long period of sick leave, already has a chronic illness or is often ill.
  • Competence maintenance, work method, work environment act and strategic OHSAS work at overarching level.

Now available 

Get help from an ergonomics specialist

You can now get advice on how to create a suitable working environment when working from home. Two consultations are included if you have access to Counseling Support via your insurance.

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