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Sustainable employees

The best asset a company can have

Our focus lies on offering top-class insurance policies that contribute to companies having safe and healthy employees who can work and feel well at the same time. We call this Sustainable employees.

With our insurance policies, companies get help to create Sustainable employees. Employees who both want and manage to be productive throughout the workday – and, in addition, have energy left over for their spare time and family.

This is our focus and it is here that we know we can make the most difference for people, companies and society in general. Sustainable employees is also our most important effort in our endeavours towards our vision of contributing to a safe and healthy world.

For us, insurance and health go hand in hand. Employees who are both safe and healthy is the foundation for performance and success, both as a company and as an employee. Because when the employees are doing well, so, too, is the company.

Therefore, employees do not just get financial security from our insurance policies when unexpected adversities of life occurs. The insurance policies can also contribute so they can work and feel well at the same time.

Together we create Sustainable employees. The finest and most valuable asset a company can have.