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Terms and conditions of use

Thank you for visiting our website or using the app. Here you can read our terms of use.


This website –, (“the Website”) is the property of Euro Accident Livförsäkring AB, Company Reg. No. 516401-6783, Domicile: Danderyd, (“Euro Accident”). By using or downloading information from the Website, you undertake to comply with these terms and conditions of use (“the Terms and Conditions”).

Certain pages and documents on the Website may be subject to additional or alternative terms, conditions and regulations. In addition, separate terms, conditions and regulations apply to products and services provided on the Website. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, or other terms, conditions and regulations that apply to the Website, you cannot use the Website, nor will you be able to download any information from the Website.

Euro Accident reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions. Any such alterations may be made at any time and without advance notice. You should therefore check the Terms and Conditions regularly.

Euro Accident reserves the right, at its own discretion, to update the Website or to interrupt or otherwise limit utilisation of same.

The information on the Website is based on sources Euro Accident has adjudged to be trustworthy. The information is intended exclusively as general information, and under no circumstances should it be taken as advice, recommendations or guidance in decisions concerning insurance policies. It is up to the user of the Website himself/herself to evaluate the applicability and usability of the services described on or provided through the Website, as well as of the information communicated on the Website. Users of the Website should always consult an insurance broker with regard to their individual conditions and circumstances.

There is a risk that the information may not be complete, comprehensive or up-to-date. There is also a risk that the information may be incorrect or contain technical deficiencies. Utilisation of the information on the Website is thus at the user’s own risk, and users of the Website are recommended to use a suitable anti-virus program and other security software. Should the Website contain links to other websites, Euro Accident cannot guarantee access to these sites, nor does Euro Accident accept any liability whatsoever regarding the content of such sites. Information sent via the Website or email is at the risk and responsibility of the sender.

Under no circumstances does Euro Accident accept liability for damages in any form, caused directly or indirectly by – or in any way related to – the information on the Website, or the use of or the inability to use the Website.

Pursuant to the Swedish Electronic Communications Act, everyone who visits a website that uses cookies must be informed that the website uses cookies and for what purposes.

You can find information about cookies on the Website here.

Visitors must also give their consent to the use of cookies. Such consent is given by you using the Website and accepting cookies in your browser. If you do not accept cookies, this may limit the functionality of the Website.

Euro Accident is the Data Controller for the processing of personal data on the Website.

You can find information about Euro Accident’s processing of personal data here Pdf, 182.4 kB..

Disclaimer. Euro Accident Livförsäkring AB (”Euro Accident”), Company reg. no.

516401-6783. Domicile: Danderyd, Sweden

Email messages, including attachments, are confidential and intended exclusively for the stated recipient. If anyone other than the addressee should receive a message, this person is requested to return the message the sender by immediately answering it and then deleting the message from his/her computer. Computer viruses can be transmitted via email. Euro Accident accepts no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted via email.

All rights to brands and trademarks on the Website are the property of Euro Accident, its licence providers or other partners. It is not permitted to use any brands and trademarks belonging to Euro Accident without the express written consent of Euro Accident.

All content on the Website – such as text, graphics, labels, function icons, images, audio clips and software – is the property of Euro Accident, which holds right of ownership or has been licensed for use by Euro Accident and is protected by copyright law or corresponding international legislation. This means, for example, that the express consent of the copyright holder is required for any and all reproduction of material or any part thereof.

The Website is not intended for persons who are prevented from accessing such websites pursuant to the prevailing legislation in the country of which they are citizens or in which they are resident. If you are prevented from accessing the material on the Website, or if you have any doubts as to the extent to which you may be prevented from accessing the material on the Website, you must not use it. In such cases, we request that you exit the Website immediately.

Swedish law is applicable to all information presented on the Website and to any and all agreements concluded through the Website and otherwise on the Website. All disputes associated with same will be definitively decided by Swedish courts.

Euro Accident strives to safeguard your personal privacy. These terms and conditions of confidentiality explain how Euro Accident collects and utilises your personal data. The terms and conditions also describe your rights in relation to us, and how you can exercise these rights.

By using Euro Accident’s services, you accept Euro Accident’s terms and conditions of confidentiality and consent to Euro Accident processing your personal data. You also consent to Euro Accident using electronic communication channels to send information to you. It is important that you read and understand Euro Accident’s terms and conditions of confidentiality before using the company’s services.

In order to offer you Euro Accident’s services, including booking care, paying deductible, claiming compensation or requesting information about current insurance holdings in the Application or the information service, Euro Accident needs to process your personal data as described below. Euro Accident processes your data with the greatest possible consideration for your privacy.

Euro Accident is the Data Controller for the processing of personal data in the mobile application. Here you will find information about how Euro Accident processes your personal data.

The terms and conditions of confidentiality are based on sources such as the provisions in prevailing laws and regulations, etc. Should these be subject to alterations that entail a significant impact on the terms and conditions, or if the conditions for processing personal data are otherwise significantly altered, Euro Accident shall be entitled to amend the design and content of the terms and conditions accordingly.

Notification of any such alterations will be communicated via the Euro Accident website or in the application.


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