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Life insurance

Security for your loved ones

Make sure your loved ones receive a tax-free lump sum in the event of your death through Euro Accident’s Life Insurance.

  • Compensation in the event of death
  • Paid as one lump sum
  • The compensation amount is the same regardless of age
  • You decide the beneficiary/beneficiaries

Death is a difficult subject to talk about – sometimes even to think about. But we all know it’s unavoidable, and it may happen sooner than we expect.

That’s why we think it’s important to make sure money is the least of our loved ones worries in the event a of a close family member passing away.

Our Life Insurance gives you peace of mind that your loved ones will receive financial compensation if and when you die.

Life Insurance

  • Compensation is paid out as a lump sum to the beneficiary/beneficiaries on the policy if you pass away. If the policy is taken out for someone other than the policyholder, the payment in the event of death is made out to the policyholder.
  • If the policy is taken out for yourself, the beneficiary is primarily your spouse, registered civil partner or cohabiting partner.
  • The policyholder can decide whom they would like as a beneficiary – and in what order – by completing a special nomination of beneficiary form, and returning it to Euro Accident.

Compensation paid out from the insurance policy is tax-free.

You can purchase the insurance if you:

  • are between 20 and 64 years of age
  • live and are registered as a resident of Sweden
  • have a right to claim benefits from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

The insurance can be purchased up until the day you turn 64 years of age.

Your insurance lasts until you are 65 or 90 years of age. You can find more information on your policy in your insurance certificate.

In the event of your death, a relative must report the death to Euro Accident by completing a certain policy form.

Additional information on what relatives may need to think about in the event of a death can be found on (in Swedish)

When the English version of a document does not exist, we link to the original Swedish version.

The year indicates when the last change in conditions was implemented.

Pre purchase information Life insurance 2022 Pdf, 168.8 kB.

Conditions Life insurance 2022 Pdf, 646.4 kB.

Report a death Pdf, 768 kB.

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