Occupational pension insurance

Long term disability insurance dividends

A disability insurance for close company partners

Our Long-term disability insurance dividends not only provides close company partners with great cover, it also protects your dividend income.

  • Counselling from a psychologist, ergonomist, financial, legal or health advisors on private or work-related matters
  • Advise on managerial and HR matters
  • Complete or partly paid dividend compensation in the event of long-term sick leave

Many close company partners choose to have some of the profits paid out as dividend under the so called 3:12 rules. But this may lead to a heavily reduced insurance coverage in some cases, i.e. for long-term sick leave, as it is based on the salary paid out and not on the dividend.

By using our insurance for close company partners, you can protect your income and your dividend income. The policy is a supplement to our Long-term disability insurance PlanSjuk, which is based on employment income.

We recommend that you contact your accountant, tax advisor or insurance intermediary to work out the salary and dividend allocation that is best suited for you.

The policy also includes counselling support to help you deal with problems that may lead to sick leave early on, whether at work or in your private life.

Our Employee Assistance Program gives you access to counselling from a psychologist, ergonomist, financial, legal or health advisor on both private and work-related matters.

Matters such as, stress, ergonomic tips for working from home, relationship issues, mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, conflicts at work, alcohol and drug abuse, gambling addiction, and legal, financial or lifestyle-related issues.

Support in your professional role

We also provide managerial and HR support on matters such as, how to tackle difficult conversations, conflicts, employees who are ill or at risk of becoming ill, employment law, or laws and regulations regarding the work environment.

24/7 helpline

The Employee Assistance Program line is open 24/7.

A licensed psychologist or social worker will be available on normal working days 8 a.m.–7 p.m., and, if necessary, a time for further assistance can be arranged with a specialist within five working days. Assistance is offered by phone or video.

At other times, a crisis-trained nurse (Norwegian- and English-speaking) is available to provide general advice.

The policy provides financial compensation if you were to be signed off sick for a minimum of 25 percent of the time. The compensation is paid monthly following a qualifying period, based on the percentage of time you are signed off sick and until you have recovered (max until your agreed retirement age). The insurance comes under tax category K in accordance with the Swedish Income Tax Act.

Please contact your insurance intermediary or the partner company used by yourself or your company for more information on the insurance.

Please contact your insurance intermediary or the partner company used by yourself or your company for more information on the insurance.

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