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Critical illness

Security for you in the event of serious illness

Insurance for certain critical illnesses is paid out for certain illnesses and treatments as stated in the insurance conditions.

  • Paid as a one-time lump sum if you are hit by a serious illness, as stated in the insurance conditions e.g. cancer.
  • One-time payment that can be used for whatever you want - e.g. a trip or treatment

The insurance is paid to the insured when the insured is diagnosed with one of the disorders or illnesses defined in the insurance terms and the other cover conditions are fulfilled.

The insurance terms and the sum insured that apply at the time where the diagnosis is made and the other cover conditions are fulfilled shall be applied.

You must call or write and submit your claim to Euro Accident when you are diagnosed with one of the diseases or treatments that are defined in our critical illness insurance terms.

Euro Accident pays the sum insured to your bank account.

You can purchase the insurance if you:

  • are between 16 and 66 years of age
  • live and are registered as a resident of Denmark
  • have a right to claim benefits from the Danish public social security benefits

The insurance can be purchased up until the day you turn 66 years of age.

The insurance can be taken out as an individual or via a company insurance agreement.

The insurance can purchased from 16 up to and including 66 years, and can apply up to and including the month in which you turn 67 years old. The insurance no longer applies upon termination or with termination of the agreement in which the cover is taken out.

The price is calculated on the basis of which agreement is used, the size of the cover and whether it is taken out as individual insurance or through a company.

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