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Sustainable employees | Private

For us, insurance is about more than paying financial compensation when an injury has occurred. We know there is a lot to do and we go to great lengths to help and at the same time we respect that each person has their own conditions for dealing with life. We focus on insurance and health.

The result is: Sustainable Employees


Loss of earning capacity

If you loose the ability to work for a longer periode due to illness – then we will do everything we can to get you well again, and we will also help you financially during the period when you are unable to work.


Health insurance

With a health insurance at Euro Accident, you will get access to the best treatment options through our extensive network of clinics and therapists. We will help you to get well and healthy again.

Euro Accident

We want to contribute to a safe and healthy world

We at Euro Accident want to contribute to a safe and healthy world. Our focus lies on offering top-class insurance policies that contribute to companies having safe and healthy employees who can work and feel well at the same time. When the employees are doing well, so too is the company. We call this Sustainable employees. The finest and most valuable asset a company can have.