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Health insurance

We help you get well again quickly

With health insurance, you get access to the best treatment options through our extensive network of therapists and clinics. We ensure high quality as well as fast and correct treatment.

  • We give you access to the best therapists and clinics
  • We give you supportive consultations where you need them
  • We follow up so we are sure you get the right treatment

The health insurance helps you when you need advice, treatment, rehabilitation, pre examination and much more. Among other things, you get access to:

  • Free training for a month
  • Fast treatment with long-term perspective
  • Specialist and Private Hospital
  • Psychologist
  • Supportive consultations
  • Physiotherapy and chiropractor
  • Reflexology, Acupuncture and Dietitian
  • Addiction rehabilitation
  • Crisis counselling 24 hours a day
  • Help after an injury/surgery
  • Help for relatives
  • Pregnancy counselling with midwife

The insurance also provides assistance in navigating the public health system if an injury or illness is not covered by the insurance.

In most cases, it is possible to co-insure your partner and children under the same insurance scheme.

You must call our health counselling before starting examination or treatment. They will, after talking to you, refer you to proper treatment through our network of therapists and clinics. In many cases, our health counselling will also help book an appointment.

In some cases, a doctor's referral may be required.

You can purchase the insurance if you also take out a Long term disability insurance and if the conditions below are met

  • are between 16 and 66 years of age
  • live and are registered as a resident of Denmark
  • have a right to claim benefits from the Danish public social security benefits

The insurance can be taken out by you or via a company insurance agreement.

The insurance covers regardless of age, as long as you are employed and in employment.

The price of your health insurance will depend on which product is chosen and whether it was created through your employer.

Contact an insurance intermediary and get a quote.


Terms and forms

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