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Insurance products

Sjukvårdsförsäkring PrivatAccess Silver

Health insurance

Many opportunities for help to get well again.

Sjukförsäkring Plansjuk Euro Accident

Loss of earning capacity insurance

If you are on sick leave for a longer period, we will help you financially and to get well again.

Premiebefrielseförsäkring Euro Accident

Waiver of premium insurance

Payment for pension, even if you are on sick leave and are without pay.


Disability lump sum

A lump sum of money for permanent incapacity for work.

två kvinnor på promenad i skogen

Critical illness

A financial help that can make a difficult time a little easier.

Livförsäkring med barnskydd

Life insurance

A financial security in a difficult time.

Filckor och hund som springer

Children's pension

Security for your left behind children.

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