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Together we create
Sustainable employees.

Together we create 

Sustainable employees

At Euro Accident we want to contribute to a safe and healthy world. Our focus lies on offering top-class insurance policies that contribute to companies having safe and healthy employees who can work and feel well at the same time. When the employees are doing well, so too is the company. We call this Sustainable employees. The finest and most valuable asset a company can have.

Report a case

Treatment insurance

You need a referral to report a case to:

  • Medical imaging
  • Specialist physician
  • Psychologist

You do not need a referral to:

  • Physical treatment


We will contact you within two working days

Report a case or claim

Other insurance policies

By completing a claim form, you can apply for compensation under one of the following insurance policies:

  • Other illness
  • Leisure time accident insurance
  • Group life
  • Collective accident insurance
  • Occupational injury insurance
  • Loss of License
  • Sick pay insurance
  • Workers compensation insurance

Report a case

Sustainable employees

Are you or any of your employees facing major challenges that may result in sick leave?

We know that receiving proper, comprehensive help in time can prevent sick leave and increase the likelihood of a quicker return to work.

If your business has one or more of the following insurance policies, you can send us a message about your concerns.

  • Other illness insurance
  • Leisure time accident insurance
  • Group life insurance
  • Collective accident insurance
  • Occupational injury insurance
  • Do it now!

Treatment insurance

Medical hotline and online doctor

With Euro Accident’s treatment insurance, you and your household have access to medical advice 24 hours a day. When you call the Medical Hotline, you can talk to an experienced nurse, who will listen to you and provide advice and guidance. You also have access to consultation with an online doctor, where this is considered necessary.

Telephone number +47 21 49 01 21

sjuksköterska som pratar i telefon

Treatment insurance

Psychological crisis support

We all experience difficult situations and events over the course of our lives. Some worse than others. What we consider to be a crisis is individual and varies from person to person.

What we do know is that when you find yourself in a crisis situation, it can be good to have someone to talk to – an outsider with the expertise to give you the tools you need to come through the crisis.

With our treatment insurance, if you experience a sudden and unforeseen critical incident, you can talk to a crisis psychologist within 24 hours.

Call us and we will help you!

Telephone number +47 21 49 01 21


Apply for reimbursement

If you have reported a claim under treatment insurance and would like reimbursement of your expenses, you can upload your receipts here.

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