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Continued premium payments in the event of illness

Double the financial protection for co-workers in the event of long-term illness with our Premium waiver insurance, and keep growing their pension pot without the company having to pay the premium.

  • Counselling from a psychologist, ergonomist, financial, legal, health or HR advisor on private or work-related matters
  • Continued premium payments in the event of illness

The Premium waiver insurance provides financial security if a co-worker is unable to work for a longer period due to an accident or illness. The insurance will continue paying the occupational pension premium following a qualifying period and depending on the degree of illness.

The Premium waiver insurance also includes our Employee Assistance Program to help minimise the risk of illness. The Employee Assistance Program gives co-workers access to counselling from a psychologist, ergonomist, financial, legal, health advisor as and when they need it. We also provide managerial and HR support.

Our Premium waiver insurance also makes it easier to move the pension pot to a different insurance company, without having to worry about taking out a new premium waiver insurance with a new insurer. Leaving the co-worker to focus on the best possible saving for them.

Employee Assistance Program

  • Our Employee Assistance Program gives co-workers access to counselling from a psychologist, ergonomist, financial, legal, health or HR advisor, on both private and work-related matters, as and when you need it. Matters such as, stress, ergonomic tips for working from home, relationship issues, mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, conflicts at work, alcohol and drug abuse, gambling addiction, and legal, financial or lifestyle-related issues.
  • A licensed psychologist or social worker will be available on normal working days 8 a.m.–6 p.m., and, if necessary, a time for further assistance can be arranged with a specialist within five working days. Assistance is offered by phone or video. At other times, you can start your case digitally. Call +46 771 10 50 11 and follow the instructions. You will then be contacted by phone or e-mail the following weekday.
  • We also provide managerial and HR support on matters such as, how to tackle difficult conversations, conflicts, employees who are ill or at risk of becoming ill, employment law, or laws and regulations regarding the work environment.

Premium waiver

  • The Premium waiver insurance pays the co-worker’s occupational pension premium if the co-worker was to be signed off sick to a minimum of 25 percent of the time. The compensation is paid monthly following a qualifying period of three months, based on the percentage of time the co-worker is signed off sick and until the co-worker has recovered (max until the agreed retirement age).

The company can purchase the insurance for co-workers that:

  • are between 16 and 61 years of age
  • live and are registered as a resident of Sweden
  • have a right to claim benefits from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency
  • are able-bodied.

The insurance can be purchased up until the day the co-worker turns 62 years of age.

The insurance lasts up until the co-worker’s contracted retirement age, but at most up until the month when they turn 67 years of age.

You can buy our policies through an insurance intermediary.

Please contact your insurance intermediary if you would like to become a client, have a quote or buy one of our policies.

If you don’t have an insurance intermediary, you can either, find an insurance broker through, the website for the Swedish Insurance Broker´s Association, or talk to your bank or life insurance company and ask if they distribute our policies.

When the English version of a document does not exist, we link to the original Swedish version.

Pre-purchase information and conditions are a collective document for all occupational pension insurance.

The year indicates when the last change in conditions was implemented.

Pre purchase information Occupational pension insurance 2024 Pdf, 182 kB.

Conditions Occupational pension insurance 2024 Pdf, 361.9 kB.

I would like to purchase this insurance for my employees

You purchase our insurance through insurance intermediaries.

your intermediary when you want to become a customer, get a quote or purchase
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