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Register your bank account

Compensation payments via Swedbank (SUS)

Euro Accident pays compensation for Sjukförsäkring PlanSjuk, Efterlevandepensionsförsäkring, Tjänstegrupplivförsäkring (TGL) and Livförsäkringar via Swedbank’s payment system (SUS) to ensure security for you and us.

To receive a payment from us into your account, you must register your account number with Swedbank’s account register*. This is quick, simple and free to do with your BankID.

Your account can be held with another bank. You do not need to be a Swedbank customer and registration will not make you a Swedbank customer.

The register is used by other companies, local authorities and agencies, such as CSN, which means that your bank account number may already be registered. If you switch bank and want money to be paid into a new account, please register your new account number with Swedbank.

If you have not registered, you can receive a banker’s draft in the post which can be paid in on Swedbank’s website or in certain branches. A fee may be payable if paying in in a branch.

* No moneys are paid out to under 18s via Swedbank’s payment system (SUS). Payment is instead made directly to a trustee supervised bank account in the child’s name.

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