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Group insurance

Disability business interruption insurance basic



Company security if you are unable to

Cover your company’s fixed costs, such as salaries, local rent, electricity, phone, interest and leasing costs, in the event of an accident or illness with one of the four basic pricing tiers of our Disability business interruption insurance, basic. There is no financial assessment required to purchase the insurance.

  • Compensation for ongoing and recurring company costs
  • A set compensation amount
  • Basic insurance
  • No financial assessment required

As a company CEO or owner, you are not only responsible for your own health. You also risk the livelihoods of others, should you fall ill or have an accident. Worse come to worse, a CEO or owner that is signed off sick long-term could jeopardise the whole company.

Our Disability Business Interruption Insurance Basic gives you peace of mind that you can continue paying your running and recurring costs, even in your absence. Costs such as co-worker salaries, local rent, fixed electricity, phone, interest or leasing costs.

The Disability Business Interruption Insurance Basic is a basic insurance with up to four basic pricing tiers. The insurance is purchased with a set pricing tier, without having to show proof of costs in the company’s financial accounts.

  • A monthly amount paid out to the company over a period of 12 months if you were to be signed off sick to a minimum of 25 percent of the time.
  • The monthly amount is based on your ability to work and payments start after one month of absence. I.e. if you are signed off sick to a minimum of 25 percent of the time, you would be paid 25 percent of the monthly amount.

You can purchase the insurance if you are part of a Euro Accident group agreement and

  • have turned 16 years but not 65 years and
  • have a permanent residence and are registered in Sweden and
  • are entitled to compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

The insurance can be purchased up until the day you turn 65 years of age.

Försäkringen gäller till och med den månad du fyller 67 år eller tills du av annan anleThe insurance lasts up until the month of your 67th birthday, or until you are no longer covered by the group agreement for whatever reason.dning inte ingår i gruppavtalet.

When the English version of a document does not exist, we link to the original Swedish version.

Pre-purchase information and terms are collective documents for all group insurances.

The year indicates when the last change in conditions was implemented.

Pre purchase information Group Scheme Insurance 2024 Pdf, 263.8 kB.

Conditions Group Scheme Insurance 2024 Pdf, 1.1 MB.

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