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Your path to the right care at the right time

Our Private medical insurance PrivatAccess Bronze policy gives you quick access to professional medical advice, planned care and surgery via private healthcare providers in Sweden.

  • Medical advice
  • Specialist care within 7 working days
  • Scheduled operation or other treatment within 14 working days
  • Patient charges within public healthcare up to the high-cost protection limit

It is important to us that you should not have to wait to get care if you fall ill or suffer an injury. We understand that you want to get fit and healthy, and to live your life as normal again. With our healthcare insurance, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you can quickly obtain the care you need.

We provide access to professional advice from our own nurses and psychologists, as well as appointments with specialists in our authorised network, which covers the whole country. We can offer time with a specialist within seven working days and surgery within 14 working days.

The insurance also provides compensation for costs for patient charges within the public healthcare system, up to the limit for high-cost protection.

The insurance comprises:

  • Medical advice
  • Care planning
  • Expanded healthcare
  • Specialist medical care
  • Second opinion
  • Hospital care and surgery
  • Post-op care (rehabilitation after surgery)
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Aid resources
  • Patient charges
  • Nutritionist
  • Psychologist or psychotherapist
  • Waiver of deductible in the event of acute injury abroad

The insurance applies for planned private care in Sweden. For acute care abroad, the policy covers the deductible in your travel or home insurance up to a value of SEK 5,000.


You can purchase this insurance with or without deductible. If you have purchased the policy with deductible, you are required to pay the deductible once per diagnosis or once for several diagnoses that are medically linked.


The insurance is purchased with a quarantine period, which means that the policy is not valid for any complaint of which you have shown symptoms, for which you have received care, or for which you have taken medication before the insurance came into effect. If you have been free from symptoms for more than a year, the insurance may apply again.

You can purchase this insurance if you are covered by a group agreement with Euro Accident and:

  • are aged between 16 and 64
  • live and are registered as resident in the Nordic region (excluding Iceland)
  • are entitled to compensation from Forsäkringskassan in Sweden or its equivalent in the other Nordic countries.

You can purchase this insurance up until your 65th birthday.

If you are covered by a group agreement with Euro Accident, you also have the opportunity to purchase insurance for your spouse, cohabiting partner, registered partner or your children. They will then be co-insured with you.

The insurance applies until no later than the month in which you turn 67.

If the company pays the insurance premiums, 60 percent of the price will be considered a taxable benefit for you. If the company pays the premiums for a co-insured family member, 100 percent of the price will be considered a taxable benefit for you.

We offer private medical insurance policies with different levels of coverage: PrivatAccess Bronze, Silver and Gold.

IncludedBronze   Silver  Gold

Specialist medical care

Hospital care and surgery

Medical advice

Psychologist or psychotherapist


 Patient charges

Travel and accommodation

Post-op care – medical rehabilitation after surgery

Aid resources

Second opinion

Expanded healthcare

E-care service

Physiotherapist, naprapath, chiropractor or Osteopath


Expenses for medicines

Treatment of infections in eye, ear-nose-throat and resperatory system

Counselling support from a psychologist, legal adviser or financial adviser

Health coach, ergonomist

Manager and HR support

When the English version of a document does not exist, we link to the original Swedish version.

The year indicates when the last change in conditions was implemented.

Pre purchase information Private medical insurance PrivatAccess 2024-1 Pdf, 182.9 kB.

Conditions Private medical insurance PrivatAccess 2024-1 Pdf, 485.5 kB.

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